A man walks across a series of ropes strung up between large trees. Photo by Stephanie Ecate on Unsplash.

An estimated 5% of the population struggles with an irrational fear of heights. Commonly referred to as acrophobia, this condition can make a variety of daily activities more stressful and difficult than they need to be, from taking an elevator to a business meeting, to reaching the summit of a nature hike, to riding roller coasters at an amusement park with friends.

At TreeRunner Adventure Park in Rochester, Michigan, we offer more than 60 aerial adventure activities designed to help you overcome your acrophobia — and have tons of fun doing it. Read on to learn how our unique adventure park can change your life for the better.

What is an Aerial Adventure Park?

Aerial adventure parks first gained popularity in Europe before making their way to the Americas. These recreational venues are characterized by obstacle courses that are completed high off the ground, all the way up in the tops of trees. 

Activities include ziplining, tightrope walking, between-tree-top platforms, barrels, bridges and so much more.

Obstacles at TreeRunner aerial adventure park vary in height, but all activities are completed with a safety harness checked by certified professionals to ensure that they meet regulations and standards of care. So even if you do have a fear of heights or falling, you can rest assured you’re completely safe, whether you’re five or 50 feet off the ground.

What Causes Acrophobia?

It is not always clear how acrophobia develops, but in most cases, it stems from a pretty reasonable place. It’s natural for humans to have an innate fear of falling and injuring themselves, but this inborn defense mechanism transforms into an irrational phobia when the fear is unreasonable, unhelpful, and interferes with daily life. 

How Can An Adventure Park Help Me?

There are many ways an adventure park can help you, whether you have acrophobia or not.

Those who struggle with acrophobia are afraid of heights and being in places far from the ground. At an aerial adventure park like TreeRunner, you’ll have the chance to gradually or quickly work your way up to the tops of trees, platforms, ladders, and other vertical and horizontal structures. You’ll work with guides who are trained not only in maneuvering the course, but also in operating equipment and adhering to strict safety guidelines. 

Many individuals find that when they are surrounded by a natural environment of trees, shrubbery, plant life, and fresh air, they can attain a greater sense of comfort and calm. It can be a truly life-changing experience to conquer one of your greatest fears while surrounded by mighty pines and oak trees towering high above the ground. Most visitors who overcome phobias at TreeRunner report that the experience gives them a strong sense of courage and personal ability. 

Where Should I Start?

You can begin your journey to conquering acrophobia in a fun and safe way by visiting TreeRunner Aerial Adventure Park in the Rochester-Oakland University area. We offer team building groups and corporate outing options, so there’s no need to take on this challenge alone. Find some supportive buddies and get ready to discover how brave you can be!